SBE Testimony

JSET Testimonial
November 9, 2022

SBE Testimony

Dear Potential Changing Pace Travel ICs;

My name is Rosalyn Cooper Owner/Lead Travel Consultant of Social Butterfly Express, LLC based in Cleveland, Ohio. I started my journey into the Travel world back in March 2018. Steve & Nasha were in my training class when I first started, and I appreciated the bond/knowledge that they shared while we were under the same Host Agency. I watched them grow as a Dynamic Powerful Black Couple in the Travel Industry which you don’t see often. When they earned their own IATA number, I couldn’t have been more excited for them and still provide the same support. As I started to grow into Romance Travel which includes Destination Weddings, Anniversary, Honeymoon, etc. I needed more support around me that understood the path I wanted to take my brand into. After being with the host agency that we both started off with, I knew a change was needed if I wanted to continue to grow. As you have probably noticed within the Travel Industry, there are many opportunities when it comes to joining a Host Agency, but they DON’T OFFER that Family Vibe that CPT offers.  Read More

Rosalyn Cooper – Social Butterfly Express, LLC

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